Selling your gear to us

This page provides information on what to expect if you decide to sell a guitar or any other equipment to us.

First and foremost, you must be legally entitled to sell the gear. We will expect you to sign a short contract governing the sale, and we may ask for ID. Please don't be offended by this. There is stolen gear out there, and we don't want it appearing on our site for obvious reasons. Please bear with us when we take steps to ensure this doesn't happen.

We aim to offer a fast, convenient service.

We are in business, and need to make a profit from time to time. This means that our offer to you will almost certainly be less than you may get if you sold privately. However, selling to us means that you get your money quickly, and without the hassle of advertising, dealing with the timewasters and 'tyre-kickers', packing, shipping, dealing with sellers who claim the gear never arrived (or arrived broken) etc etc. Once all this is taken into account, dealing with us just might be your best option.

Price depends to an extent on condition. We'll pay a top price for equipment which is to standard specification and which has been cared for. If you present us with something which you have relic'ed or modified to your taste, we won't pay a top price even if the modifications were costly.

Our offer may also depend on what the equipment costs new today. Bear in mind that sometimes manufacturers and retailers drop their prices, and what you originally paid may be more than the current new price.

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