Vintage Guitars generally provide exceptional value which satisfies hobby players and surprises semi-professional and professional players, and this VV60 is a good example of this.

The original Vintage VV60 was a very close copy of the Gibson Flying V, and was withdrawn under legal pressure. This version is the result of the manufacturer's changes to avoid a copyright dispute, and features asymmetric arms to the V-shaped body and a relocated jack socket. Vintage also took this opportunity to add a spur to the shorter arm, which does a great job of anchoring the guitar onto the player's leg when playing seated.

V-shaped guitars are visually striking, and this one, in translucent amber, does not disappoint. From distance, the amberis very eye-catching, but get close and the grain of the body adds visual appeal.

The condition is excellent. The body is almost unmarked, and the gold plating on the hardware is intact. The frets are smooth and polished giving a low action, and the rosewood fingerboard is in near-perfect condition. This instrument has had an easy life.

The pickups, installed by the previous owner, are a matched pair of Epiphone 57s. Normally, we would want the guitars we offer to be to standard specification, but in this case we have left these replacement pickups in place - they sound great and their gold covers suit the look of the rest of the guitar.

If you are looking for a V-shape guitar that has all the impact for which V-shaped guitars are famous and which affords flexibility of playing standing or seated then you should consider this one.

Colour Trans Amber
Pickguard Cream, 3-ply
Serial number I12057716
Year of manufacture 2012
Country of Origin Indonesia
Frets 22
Electrics Two Epiphone 57 humbucker pickups, each with volume control; master tone control; 3-way pickup selector
Bridge Tune-o-matic, gold, adjustable for height ad intonation
Case None
Condition Used
Body Eastern Poplar
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Scale length 624 mm
Weight 3.21 kg (7 lbs 1 oz)
Fingerboard radius 12-inch
Neck thickness (just behind 12th fret) 22.8 mm
Bridge spacing 51.0 mm

Vintage VV60TA

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