The Charvel Desolation DST-1 ST has plenty of show, and backs it up with plenty of go. The 'star'-shaped body obviously sets out this guitar's stall. The trans blue finish emphasises the maple veneer to the body and matching headstock. Add the lavish inlays on the fingerboard and the purfling and binding around the body and headstock, and clearly we have a 'statement' guitar.

But this counts for nothing if the guitar cannot perform. The active EMG pickups, in a configuration found on leading metal-style guitars, provide all the power and tone that a metal player requires, but are flexible enough to manage other genres too. The compound-radius neck facilitates rhythm playing at the lower frets, but when you are ready to exploit the full 24-fret (2-octave) fingerboard you will find soloing in any style almost too easy as flatter radius at the higher frets means the action can be set low with no buzzing or choking. The neck is very slim, and is a set neck design.

The frets are in excellent condition - polished smooth with no indentations. The body has one mark on the lower bout, and some minor scratches on the arm of the body that touches the floor if the player tries to stand up the guitar (see information about the stand later). The finish on the bridge and stoptail is worn where the players hand touches. The headstock, often vulnerable on 'pointy' guitars, is in excellent condition.

There are some nice touches. The tuners are locking tuners, facilitating very rapid string changes. The controls work noiselessly. An issue with many radically shaped body designs is that they work when the player is standing, but if the player wants to play seated they are very uncomfortable, to the point of being unplayable. The Star shape changes all that. The guitar is very nicely balanced and comfortable, both on a strap or seated.

Another issue with radical shaped guitars is that normally they have to be laid down or cased when not in use to avoid them falling over. To resolve this we are including the stand shown in the picture. It is not very pretty, but the bottom support swivels so it can support radically shaped guitars.

If you are looking for an affordable showman's guitar that does much more than just look pretty, this is it.

Colour Blue
Pickguard None
Serial number CJC1213551
Year of manufacture 2012
Country of Origin China
Frets 24
Electrics Two EMG active pickups (EMG 81 in Bridge; EMG 85 in Neck), volume control, pickup selector. Requires 9v battery (included)
Bridge Tune-o-matic style, adjustable for height and intonation
Case None
Condition Used
Body Mahogany with flame maple veneer
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Scale length 42.7 mm
Weight 3.54 kg (7 lbs 13 oz)
Fingerboard radius Compound radius: 12-inch to 16-inch
Neck thickness (just behind 12th fret) 22.3 mm
Bridge spacing 52.3 mm
Nut width 42.7 mm

Charvel Desolation DST-1 ST

  • Brand: Charvel
  • Product Code: Desolation DST-1 ST
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £225.00

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